In October 2004, a group of interested families joined to form the Historic South-View Preservation Foundation, Inc., (the Foundation) a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. The Foundation Board, originally headed by William Whitaker Allison, was established with its mission to record, interpret, restore and preserve the art, history and environment of Historic South-View. Many well-known Atlantans whose contributions must be remembered and preserved are buried in Historic South-View dating back to 1886. Beautiful landscaping, monuments and memorials are also included in the area.

In earlier times, family members maintained the grave sites at South-View, and the modern concept of perpetual care did not exist. As families have passed on or moved away, we must become the keepers of this unique cultural repository. The South-View Cemetery Association provides regular, basic maintenance of the historic area, including grass cutting and minor monument repairs, but the complex historic fabric and the art and architecture typical of nineteenth century Victorian cemeteries, such as South-View, require a high standard of care and preservation. A goal of the foundation is to increase community awareness and support for the preservation and restoration of Historic South-View.

If you are interested in helping to preserve this historic area, please complete the Volunteer Application Form attached. If you believe that you have family buried in the historic area, and would like additional information, please complete the Descendant Information Form attached. You may also contact the Foundation by using the Contact Us area below.